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Lucy Marvellous - Fresher Bites cook & teacher

I'm Lucy Marvellous, a former teacher with a passion for eating, drinking, cooking and dogs!
I've taught many subjects to all ages but have found the most pleasure
from teaching people to cook from scratch.
I taught my niece to cook when she was in her early twenties
& within a few lessons she had got the basics and started to follow recipes that she liked the look of.
I'd like to enable you the same freedom, so that you can cook whatever you want,
eat delicious food, be healthy, impress your friends and save money!
The recipes in these booklets and the films on my Fresher Bites YouTube channel
are filled with basic skills that will be fully transferable to other recipes.
Hopefully, as you gain confidence you will be able to experiment with ingredients
and create your own delights!

Check out my Fresher Bites Facebook page for more tips & answers to your cooking questions.

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